AK033 - Shoes


AK033-3 Nike Black

size :
29 (19cm)

Price : RM 43

Sale : RM 30

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gaygil said...

I sell on the Korean eBay as a retailer.
I sell to merchants directly the items that I import in large quantities.
In the recent past over 90% of what I used to import were Japanese brands, but, due to the high yen, I've been exploring the idea of importing from Europe and Southeast Asia.
I deal with numerous merchants here in Korea, and I am seeking brands that are rather solid and established.
If you continue to send us by email lists of items that are available for sale, we will review them and place orders.
It would be helpful if you provided unit pricing and country of shipment along with some basic information on country of production.
How are your wholesale items routed and sold?
In case of your overstocked items, would it be feasible for them to be imported to Korea legally?
Also, are those products labeled (along with pricing) and packaged individually?
Can you provide samples?
Please reply to us.

Thank you~
e-mail :

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